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Sustainability Framework

Throughout the years, the Company has conducted businesses and concurrently managed Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) in line with the sustainable development framework.

CSR therefore reflects the Company’s commitment to driving its business growth while upholding good corporate governance, embracing all groups of stakeholders, and paying due attention to both society and environment. Guided by the focus, the Company has consistently upgraded its commitment with its operational process covering economic, social and environmental aspects, honoring transparency, and ensuring good governance in order to bring the Company forward towards sustainable growth through all employees’ contribution and collaboration.

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Value Chain Management

The Company has improved its value chain to reflect business activities, facilitate risk analyses, and business-development opportunities by emphasizing creating value for the Company, building positive effects, minimizing adverse social and environmental impacts, and appropriately responding to stakeholders’ expectations. Summary of the improvement is as follows:

Value Chain Management
1. Stakeholder Engagement
  • Clients: Clients have been constantly appraised based on surveys that gather their opinions/needs in order for the Company to find out about their true needs/purposes and use the information for improving its operations.
  • Employees: All employees, especially those from the front office, play an important role in the Company’s successful pursuit of its goals. Therefore, it is important for the Company to develop its human resources and ensure that they all have adequate knowledge, expertise and skills for their jobs.
2. Smart Products & Services

The Company has leveraged innovations/technologies for the development of new products/services that are easily accessible, differentiated from competitors, and responsive to clients’ needs.

3. Smart Operations

The Company’s operations focus on building specialist teams and integrating innovations / modern technologies to its documents process for greater convenience, faster work speed, increased efficiency, personal-data protection, and protection against cyberthreats etc.

4. Smart Partner

The Company has developed client relationship by providing knowledge/counseling related to businesses, and exploring opportunities for joint ventures under “Your Partner in Success” concept.