Additional services are provided to the Company’s clients such as:

  • Confirming LC/TR
  • Inventory Financing
  • Floor Plan
  • Contract Financing
  • Block Discounting
Confirming LC/TR

IFS makes available this import facility through the banks, usually without requiring additional collateral from clients.

Inventory Financing

A line of credit secured by your inventory. This makes the cash you have tied up in your inventory more available to you.

Floor Plan

Floor plan is an auto financing service offered to authorized car dealers of reputable brands to facilitate car purchases from manufacturers, import dealers and distributors. Floor plan's products offered to auto dealers include financing for passenger cars, pickups, trucks and vans.

Contract Financing

We provide this facility when our clients have firm contracts but lack of funds to execute orders. Financing is available for all stages of production; from the purchase of raw materials to manufacturing to shipment of goods.

Block Discounting

Block discounting facilities are a convenient method of financing a trader's hire purchase, credit sale or rental agreements. We acquire the trader's rights under the agreements at a discounted valuation and the gross value will be repayable by equal monthly installments. The valuation of discounted agreements will be subject to negotiation.