Rights of Shareholders | IFS Capital (Thailand)

The Board of Directors recognizes the basic rights of all shareholders (natural persons, juristic persons or institutional investors) and encourages each shareholder to exercise their rights such as

i) the right to receive a share certificate and to purchase or repurchase by the Company’s sale or transfer of shares, ii) the right to share in the profit / dividend of the Company, iii) the right to consider and approve the remuneration for directors every year, iv) the right to participate and vote in the shareholders’ meeting to elect or remove members of the Board, v) the right to appoint the company’s auditor and determine auditor’s compensation, and vi) other rights to make decisions on any transactions that create major effect to the Company, such as dividend payment, amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association or the Company’s by laws, capital increases or decreases, and the approval of extraordinary transactions etc.