Leasing / Hire Purchase | IFS Capital (Thailand)

Leasing and Hire Purchase are long term loans which allow you to purchase machinery, instruments, vehicles and other equipment that you need to expand your production capacity without having to pay a hefty sum of monies upfront which will affect your cash flow.

The tenor of the loan is between 1-5 years and the facility is applicable for both brand new and second hand assets. This financial instrument gives you the advantage of retaining the upfront sum of monies to support the liquidity of your business and to grow your business further.

  1. Industrial machinery.
  2. Vehicle such as truck, trailer, van, forklift, executive car, etc.
  3. Used equipment are also eligible for Leasing and Hire Purchase.
  1. No other collateral is required as the facility will be secured by the subject equipment.
  2. Increase your working capital as there is no need for huge upfront cash outlay for the subject equipment.
  3. The rental fee to IFS is considered as an expense and is tax deductible.
  4. The facility requires a small amount of fixed monthly repayment and is useful if you have limited budget for outright equipment purchase.
    The fixed monthly repayment eases your accounting and cash flow forecasting and gives you better budgeting control.
  5. Assets leased are not booked under your balance sheet, hence it does not affect the debt to equity ratio (D/E ratio).
  6. The facility can be approved and activated quickly upon complete documentation. The finance quantum and tenor can be customized.
  7. The subject equipment can be located at yours or your customer’s premises.