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The Company remains committed to conducting business that are involved in caring for the environment.

Even though the company is in the financial services business, it must pay attention to environmental issues, especially climate change, which is becoming more and more intense day by day and find ways to prevent and solve problems to reduce negative impacts that will occur on the environment and nature. The related environmental issues include energy consumption, water consumption, generation of waste and pollution creation, including greenhouse gas emissions. The Company has created policies and guidelines regarding safety, health and environment, for the committee, executives, and employees to aware of their duties and responsibilities, including cooperation in managing such matters. The said policy can be viewed on the website: www.ifscapthai.com Topic “Good corporate governance”

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Company’s Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

The Company has taken several actions to promote and support environmental conservation as follows:

Setting up guidelines for determining loans for specific industries that may cause environmental and social impacts in order to ensure the business is operated steadily, legally, and generates sustainable returns to all stakeholders.
Offer the e-Factoring service which is convenient and prompt in submitting documents to request loans for customers
Encouraging online meetings to be fully used inside and outside the organization such as board meetings, executive meetings, shareholders’ meetings, and meetings to communicate with employees during the work-from-home period, which was an operating alternative during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Promoting the use of innovations and technologies in business operations, for example, the commencement of the Sunrise Project as developed and improved from JFactor, which is the core program used for the Company’s business operations. It helps boost the Company’s work efficiency, centralize its data, and reduce paper consumption from printing.
Campaigns for indirect saving of electricity, e.g., use of LED bulbs for energy saving, use of VDO conference, cost-effective use of water and office stationery.
Supporting the use of environmentally friendly products.
Cooperating with the residential juristic person in separating waste before throwing it away so that some could be recycled.
Planning to prepare the greenhouse gas report by gathering all activities relating to the use of energy and resources, together with the environmental management in the organization which caused the greenhouse gas resulting in global warming and climate change.

Environmental Performance

Carbon Footprint for Organization (CFO)

An unstopped emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) due to a variety of human activities from energy consumption, production of goods and services, transportation, deforestation, use of natural resources and environment in other forms will result in global warming, consequently causing climate change. At present, this climate change becomes international problem that everyone and all sectors must join hands to reduce such emissions, whereas the government sector gives sincere support to solve the climate change problem and to promote a concrete low-carbon society so that Thailand’s target to reduce the greenhouse gases of 20-25% from the case of normal operations would be met by 2030.

Electricity Consumption

In 2023, the Company launched a campaign for energy saving. This activity has been run continuously, and regularly communicated to the employees for their acknowledgement and implementation, including:

  • The period of turning on and turning off air conditioners in the office was set up every day from 12.00-13.00 hrs., and the temperature of air conditioners was set at 25ºC.
  • The computer monitors were closed whenever they were not in use such as lunch break.
  • Every bulb was turned off when they were not in use. Electrical appliances were unplugged when they were not in use during and after working hours.
  • Light bulbs and electrical appliances in the office met international standards with energy saving label, and they were regularly checked and maintained in a good condition.
Electricity Consumption (kilowatt-hour)
2022 2023 Change (%)
194,687 212,576 9.2%

In 2023, the Company’s electricity consumption increased by 9% as the Company stopped the Work from Home project, and the employees from all departments returned to work in the office after the pandemic of the COVID-19. The Company set up the long-term goal to reduce the electricity consumption by 3% within 5 years, starting from 2024.

Fuel Consumption

The Company provided 9 company cars used by the employees to perform various activities for the Company. In 2023, the Company encouraged the employees to set up their traveling plan when working outside to save time and fuel; for example, the use of public transportation service when making an appointment with the customer near the office such as electric train, taxi, and electric car.

Fuel Consumption (Liter)
2022 2023 change (%)
16,163 16,926 4.7%

The Company set up the long-term goal to reduce the fuel consumption to zero within 5 years. All 9 company cars would be changed to be electric cars by the year of 2028 to mitigate the fuel cost, and to promote the Company’s reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

Water Management

The Company has continuously campaigned the employees to use the pipe water cost-effectively. The Company’s consumption of water is shown below.

Water Consumption (Cubic Meter)
2022 2023 change (%)
427 479 12.2%

The Company set up the long-term goal to reduce the water consumption by 3% within 5 years, starting from the year of 2024.

Reduction of Paper Consumption

The Company has communicated to the employees about the importance of reducing the paper consumption as it would lower the volume of paper waste in the office, also the natural materials and energy used in the production of paper would drop as well. In this regard, the Company started using e-Factoring system to lessen the steps of submitting the hard-copy documents. This system helped the customers submit their documents online more comfortably while the documents were more kept in the form of digital files, and they were sent in the office via e-mail instead. The document files were also shared or edited via monitor promptly, which greatly reduced the consumption of paper.

Paper Consumption (Ream)
2022 2023 change (%)
865 955 10.4%

In 2023, the quantity of paper consumption increased for 10% due to the Company’s cancellation of the Work form Home project, and the employees of all departments returned to work in the office after the pandemic of the COVID-19. As a result, each department has produced more documents. The Company set up the long-term goal to reduce the paper consumption by 3% within 5 years, starting from the year of 2024.

Waste Management

“Waste or Garbage” is one of the important causes of environmental issues and has an effect on health. The Company has always been aware of environmental management and conservation of natural resources. For within the organization, the company started to reduce and collect the data of the amount of waste in the organization in 2023 by continually publicized to employees through various activities to allow employees to participate in helping reduce the amount of waste in the organization. In 2023, the company had a total of 3,892 kilograms of waste. However, the Company set up the long-term goal to reduce the waste within the organization by 3% within 5 years, starting from the year of 2024.

In 2023, the Company organized CSR activities under the “Happiness for Waste Sharing” (“Project”) The objective is to campaign for all employees to participate in environmental conservation, starting with things close to them first. That is, reducing the amount of waste within the organization by separating waste such as plastic water bottles, glass, metal cans, etc., through the “Project” and then forwarding it to the purchasing and waste management unit for reuse or recycle. The benefits received after the completion of the “Project” are: able to reduce the amount of waste, and there is less actual waste that needs to be removed or destroyed. This reduces the burden on agencies that collect solid waste in another way, including helping to improve the overall environment.

“CSR Go Green” Project

On 29th April 2023, the Company organized a CSR activity under the “CSR Go Green” project at the Nature and Wildlife Education Center, Khao Nam Phu, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Kanchanaburi Province. The project was a joint effort to create environmental sustainability by “Shoot the plant seeds back into the forest and create artificial saltlick to increase food sources for wildlife.” The objectives of the projects are as follows:

The Company’s executives and employees participated in this CSR activity, even though we are a small part of society, everyone are committed to helping to conserve the forest resources to remain with nature forever.